How to Learn for Lifelong Learners

How to Learn for Lifelong Learners

If you’re a lifelong learner, you owe it to yourself to learn efficiently and effectively.

Thankfully, you can discover simple and practical strategies to help you learn and retain knowledge and skills without investing tons of time and a small fortune.

You don’t need another article that summarizes recent research. You do need a practical guide that simplifies the learning process.

As a learner, you need answers to these questions:

  • Where do I start when learning something new?
  • What are some simple learning strategies to help me learn the material?
  • How do I retain what I’ve learned, so I don’t forget it all in a week or month?

How to Learn for Lifelong Learners is my attempt to definitively answer these questions. This concise and practical ebook will teach you:

  • Where to start when learning something new.
  • Simple strategies you can apply to learn the material. (And, no, you’re not going to read about the usual suspects, like the memory palace technique.)
  • How to retain what you’ve gained with several simple and practical strategies.
  • The key to learning anything.
  • How to push through learning roadblocks.
  • The differences between fixed vs. growth mindsets.
  • Effective planning techniques and work habits to help you get the most from your time spent learning.

You’ll learn about a three-part framework, Principles of Learning, and its nine strategies to learn and retain information. Here are the strategies covered in this book:

  • Strategy #1: Multiple Streams of Learning
  • Strategy #2: Actively Study the Work of Others
  • Strategy #3: Teach It
  • Strategy #4: Build Mental Models
  • Strategy #5: Cross-Train Your Brain
  • Strategy #6: Look Back
  • Strategy #7: Spot-Check
  • Strategy #8: Space It Out
  • Strategy #9: Mix It Up

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